Bagging Machine
  Weighing and Bagging for : Grains
  Type of System : Gravity Feed Electronic Net Weighing & Bagging
  Material of Construction : All ss-304 (Contact Parts)
  Type : All Electrical / Electronic (No Pneumatic)
  Material to be Handled : Free Flowing Granules
  Bulk Density : Approx.600 to 800 kg/cu.m
  Capacity : 12 - 13 Bags / min up to 50kg
  Weighment Size : Max. 50kg
  Accuracy : +/-0.2%At 2 sigma
  Type of Bag : Open Mounth
  Bag Size : Customer to Specify
  Remark : No Pneumatic Air is Required
  Model No Description
  CPT BG 510 - TWSO 5 to 10kg / twin weigher-single bag
  CPT BG 2550 - TWSO 25 to 50kg / twin weigher-single bag
  CPT BG 550 - TWSO 5 to 10kg and 25 to 50kg separate weigher - twin bag
  CPT BG 550 - SWTO 5 to 50kg / single - twin bag
Scope of Supply
    Electronic net weighing and bagging system consisting of
  Intake Chute
  Gravity Feeder
  Electronic Net Weigher
  Discharge Chute
  PLC + HMI Based Controller
  Motorised Bag Holder
  Motorised Weigh Gate
  Motorised Discharge Gate
VFFS with Multi Head Weigher
VFFS with Cup Filler
VFFS with Auger Filler
All Electric PLC Control Bulk Bagger
Bulk Bagger for Powdered Products
VFFS for Salt
VFFS for Milk Packing
VFFS for Oil Packing
VFFS with Linear Weigher
Bagging Machine